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Temporary / Conditional Liquor License – A Proposed Solution to (Some of) our Woes

  • March 16, 2012
  • Michael A. Brower

Just a short note on two bills that are currently circulating in the legislature.

House Bill 5488 (2012) & Senate Bill 1002 (2012) propose a potential solution to our concerns regarding increased processing times, the additional time required due to LGU approval, and in general, the amount of time that licensure can take.  (See HB 5488 here – track its progress here.  See SB 1002 here – track its progress here).  Neither bill has passed its respective chamber; for now, both bills are with the Committee on Regulatory Reform.

Both of these bills propose the creation of a temporary/conditional license (each uses a different term).  At this point, neither of these bills appears to be exceptionally well-worded, and we hope that revisions to the language occur prior to passage (if either bill even passes its respective chamber).  With that caveat, we are excited about what a temporary/conditional license could offer, if such a license became law.  In essence, each bill would permit (or even require) the issuance of a temporary/conditional license within 14 days of an applicant’s submission of a “completed application” and certain other documents/fees.  This temporary/conditional license would then (hopefully) last sufficiently long for the applicant to remain licensed until the Commission gave its final approval or denial of the application.  From our perspective, such a license could alleviate many of the time-related problems that applicants currently face.

We will keep you informed as updates become available.


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