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Michigan’s Premier Liquor Licensing Firm


Working with the Michigan Liquor Control Code and corresponding Administrative Rules can aptly be described as attempting to get through a maze – in the dark.  Years of experience and working daily with Michigan’s liquor laws have provided Stariha & Brower with the right tools to navigate this maze quickly and efficiently.  Unlike many law firms that handle liquor law related matters every few months, Stariha & Brower is a liquor licensing firm: we focus solely on liquor-licensed businesses.  As a result, we spend each day working through licensing matters and legal issues with alcohol retailers and manufacturers, the Michigan Liquor Control Commission, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), and local government officials.  By equally dividing our time amongst all types of licensees (bars, restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, micro breweries, winers, and distilleries), we maintain a thorough knowledge of the laws and rules that govern all licensees and their relationships amongst each other.  In an era of increased competition, our clients regularly seek to push the envelope and exploit “gray areas” to create exciting new concepts.  Utilizing the breadth of our knowledge base, we are able to help our clients develop cutting edge business models while ensuring that they remain within the bounds of the law.

A Full Service Liquor Licensing Firm

Although our work centers around the issues that arise when obtaining or transferring a Michigan liquor license, we are also well aware that our clients want attorneys who can handle all matters associated with the opening and ongoing operation of their business. For that reason, we are a full service liquor licensing firm, providing legal services well beyond basic liquor licensing.  These services include, but are not limited to, the creation of your business, preparation of operating agreements and bylaws, purchase/sale/lease of real estate, drafting of contracts, working with the state lottery, and managing any other issues that licensees may face.

Frequently Handled Liquor Law Matters

In addition to our broader practice areas (click below for more information), some of our more specific daily projects include:

  • Drafting purchase agreements and transferring liquor licenses.
  • Obtaining “New” Quota, Resort, or Redevelopment liquor licenses (Class C, SDM, and SDD)
  • Defending licensees in the event of MLCC violations
  • Obtaining Brewer’s Notices and Micro Brewer licenses
  • Obtaining Small Distiller Licenses and Distilled Spirits Plant (DSP) permits.