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(Somewhat) Shocking Update from MLCC (In Brief)

  • February 28, 2012
  • Michael A. Brower

Somewhat shocking news from the Michigan Liquor Control Commission today:

As we noted in our last post, Chairman Deloney informed us that the Commission was considering a change in the policy regarding Local Government Unit approval.  Today, the Commission announced that, effective April 1st, applicants must receive local approval (municipal & law enforcement, where necessary) prior to turning in an application to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.

In addition to these changes, the Rules regarding escrowed licenses are, as of May 1st, being followed “to the letter.”  These Rules are detailed at Rule 436.1107.

We will look further into these changes this afternoon and hope to post an update, including our own thoughts, later today.

[The man to right exemplifies the emotion that we imagine many practitioners are experiencing after hearing this news.]

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